London Vibe

London, England   |   March, 2022

What Makes You a Mutual Sales Leader?

It's your dedication to helping people. Your commitment to doing what's right for your clients each and every time. Your desire to be one of the best salespeople in the business. At Mutual of Omaha, we believe in rewarding these attributes and celebrating outstanding sales accomplishments. And to show our appreciation, we're taking our next group of Mutual Sales Leaders to London!


There's something about London. It's stately. Dignified. Refined. After all, the Queen lives here. But London is also one of the coolest and most modern cities in the world.

There's word on the street that Mutual Sales Leaders is heading to London. Feel the hum of excitement. The buzz of activity. The thrill as you and your guest explore this incredible city.

Be on the lookout for London's iconic red phone boxes, double-decker busses piled high with tourists and the Queen's Guard in their red tunics and bearskin hats. It wouldn't be London without them.

The city is filled with historic landmarks. From Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey to the Tower of London and Big Ben, London is a haven for history buffs.

The stately Grosvenor House in the upscale Mayfair District is known for more than its posh Park Lane address. It's the largest and most luxurious five-star hotel in London. Perfect for Mutual Sales Leaders.

Sign the graffiti wall at Abbey Road, visit the magical platform nine-and-three-quarters at King's Cross Station and duck into the Tube to check out the street art. You'll find endless hip, fun things to do in London.

When you qualify for Mutual Sales Leaders, you and your guest will join us in London for a world-class adventure and a celebration of sales excellence.

Are you feeling it? Good. We want to see you in London!

London, England

Can You Feel It?

There's a hum of excitement. A buzz of activity. Sure, London is stately, dignified and refined. After all, the Queen lives here. But it's also one of the coolest and most modern cities in the world. Hip nightspots, trendy galleries and cutting-edge cuisine make London a fun place to explore and the perfect setting for Mutual Sales Leaders.

Grosvenor Hotel

Catch the Vibe

Luxury amenities, impeccable service and an authentic British experience are yours at Grosvenor House — London's largest five-star hotel. Located in in the upscale Mayfair District, you'll have easy access to some of London's best-known sights. Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace and the posh Oxford Street shopping district are all nearby.

Visit Grosvenor House

Two Ways to Qualify

Choose the one that best suits the type of business you place with Mutual of Omaha. Then, set your sights on earning a trip to London. Just remember, you may only qualify in one category.

Medicare Supplement,
Dental and Vision

Trip Dates:

March 17-22, 2022

To Qualify:
You must have a minimum of 275,000 production credits to qualify for the trip.

Qualification Requirements


Trip Dates:

March 22-27, 2022

To Qualify:
You must rank among the top 60 producers with a minimum of 80,000 Simplified Issue Life production credits and 20 issued policies.

Mutual of Omaha reserves the right to withhold an invitation should persistency and/or placement fall below 70%.

Qualification Requirements